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Imagine a driving force that hits you like a revelation, moving you into action. This is our inspiration behind The Nudge. A nudge may come from a family member who lovingly urges you to consult a trusted medical professional; a close friend who expresses concern with your persistent emotional distress; or a colleague genuinely worried for your wellbeing since you haven’t slept in days.
Perhaps you stumbled across a health-related research article that struck a nerve. The Nudge is an instinctual gut feeling that motivates you to seek guidance and take control of your health. The Nudge is your personal guide on the way toward better health.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Blair Watkins APRN, FNP-C, BSPH, Founder

Dr. Blair Watkins is a certified family nurse practitioner in Kansas. She earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2019 and Bachelors of Nursing in 2015 from Washburn University in Topeka, KS. She also graduated from Kansas State University with her Bachelor’s in Public Health Nutrition in 2012.


Residency experience during her doctoral graduate studies included family practice, psychiatric mental health, palliative care, hospice, internal medicine, endocrine, and cardiology. Blair believes every member of the community is valuable to society and strives to provide quality healthcare by means of holistic methods and nurturing trusting relationships.


Prior to starting her own private healthcare practice, Blair has worked in outpatient mental health and at Stormont Vail Health in Topeka, KS, where she was involved in many leadership enhancement initiatives.

Hobbies outside of work include traveling and spending quality time with family, friends, and two miniature schnauzers.

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Ryan Lowry, Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Lowry is the Chief Marketing Officer at The Nudge. He graduated from Washburn University in Topeka, KS, with his Bachelor's in Mass Media and Advertising in 2013.

Ryan is an expert in digital marketing trends, creative design, mass media, data analytics, SEO, advertising, branding, and strategic business marketing.

Beyond the digital world, Ryan possesses a unique versatile sense of adaptability in the skillful art of communication. Ryan is a determined optimizer with OCD detail orientation and the designer behind the development of The Nudge's brand image, design, and story. Hobbies include creative design projects, gaming, cooking, and spending time with family. 


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